Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Matt Daniel takes control of Marshall Women's Basketball

HUNTINGTON, W.Va – Marshall Women’s basketball program has a new head coach. Matt Daniel was named the new coach of the team and has already left his mark. Daniel has been seen in the halls of the Henderson Center wearing bright green shoes while in plaid Bermuda shorts the following day. The 35-year-old Daniel is not trying to win a contest, but rather he wants his program to stand out. Daniel admits his program will stand out as loud as it can while he tries to build it stronger.
Daniel’s move from Central Arkansas to Marshall brings a new conference and unique problems to overcome. Daniel’s philosophy has been labeled as “Home of Higher Hoops,” although many just think it is nothing more than hot air. Daniel debates this is nothing but a belief system and anything is possible that you believe in.
With a program that seems stuck in neutral at 581-581, any positive would be a win for Daniel. Daniel has been around programs all around the country and is a second generation coach. In Coach Daniel’s first press conference he laid the foundation of how his program would operate, “There are two things we won’t do. We won’t do anything illegal, and we won’t do anything immoral. That’s our intention. Now, we’ll make mistakes I’m sure, as everybody does, but our heart will always be in the right place with the big picture of Marshall in mind.”

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