Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little League Mother Quits Job

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I understand that in today's society that an job is a good job if you wish to be successful, however, is there a time when you have to make a decision to support your child or give up your job a decision that should have to be made? Billie Ann Tomei had to make this decision and I think she made the same decision that many parents would make everyday, to go support her child.

Tomei asked for extended time off so she could watch her son play in the West Regional tournament for a chance to advance to the LLWS but was denied by her boss. His response was "If you go, write yourself your last check", and that is exactly what she did. Tomei quit her job and watched her son not only play into the LLWS, but actually advanced to the US Championship game in which his team lost to Tennessee.

As a coach, dad, and worker I understand there are so many decisions that we are forced as parents to make everyday and try to remain in harmony with society. I applaud Tomei for going and supporting her son as I would have done the same thing. The LLWS is not just another baseball game, this is the World Series for kids. Her son as well as so many young boys have dedicated so much time and effort to their team to have the chance to go to Williamsport, PA and play at LaMade Stadium in what is the biggest game these youngsters may ever play in in their entire career. Why should any parent have to miss the chance to see their child experience arguably one of the biggest moments of their young lives.

Business and the workplace is extremely important in society and the livelihood of our nation, but what about family values? What would this man have said if she needed to take off time to go care for a family member who was sick? Family values are something that so many have forgotten about in our country and is exactly why the nation is in the state it is in. Your family will always be there when nothing else will, money can by you a family.

I hope that someone out there sees what this mother has done and gives her a chance to join their workforce soon. One thing I thing that you would get from this courageous women, someone that still believes in values and morality in their life. Kudos Billie Ann!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Collier Sports Zone Live

Tonights show will take a look at the blockbuster deal between Boston and LA. Was there a winner in this trade and what will this mean for the future of both teams.
MLB playoff races are really heating up, what team will sneak in the back door and what team will not be in the playoffs that would be in if the season ended today. NFL preseason is coming to an end as teams have made their first roster cuts. Which players no longer have a team and what team is the only team yet to get into the endzone this preseason.

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