Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blog, Blog, Blog, ESPN Boston?

Trying to have an inside track on your favorite team can be a seemingly difficult task. With the vast amount of information available to the media, one must decide what is relevant and what can wait. Blogs provide a route for journalists and fans to follow teams and receive information.

Finding a good blog can be difficult as not all blogs are created and operated equally. I look for a blog that I know is going to report factual news. My favorite blogs are operated by ESPN, giving me a plethora of information.

As a fan of teams located in the Boston area, I choose to follow the ESPN Boston blogs. One section of this blog is the New England Patriots, By providing current information about the team, individual players, and upcoming match-ups, I can gain as much information as possible in a short time. I enjoy Mike Reiss's insight about the team and how he breaks down the numbers is a major reason I follow this blog. While Reiss is not the only contributor to the blog, I prefer to follow his posts because of his in depth coverage of players during the season. Reiss provides injury and team news, insight about the season, and analysis of matchups for the upcoming games.

Another section is the Boston Red Sox, With the season consuming seven months of the year, keeping up with all the changes of the club can be overwhelming. ESPN Boston provides breaking news and in depth coverage of the Red Sox, allowing me to know what is going on with the organization. This season has been one to forget for the Red Sox; however ESPN Boston continues to provide information regarding players, staff, and the team in general.

The best part of this blog is the vast amount of information that is available. Being an avid Boston fan, this keeps me up to date with everything happening with Boston sports, allowing me to provide instant reaction to breaking news and updates. With a click of a button, I had insider information about Gronkowski's and Hernandez's new contracts, Wes Welker's reaction and contract negotiations, Patriots injury reports, and every roster move made by the organization.

Fantasy sports are a favorite hobby of mine and making sure every player on my team is healthy and more importantly, will be in the starting line-up, is a must. ESPN Boston uses a combination of creditable journalists to provide the most current information so the fans are well informed as the action happens. I check these blogs each day before I set my lineups, checking for injury updates and any recent player news. There is no worse feeling than starting a player that is out with an injury.

Although I do not report for any media outlets in Boston, I like to report to the Boston fans in my area and report current information as quickly as possible. ESPN Boston blogs allow this to happen by gathering a plethora of information and combining this to one site. Ease of access and ability to find a wealth of information are the biggest reason I frequent this blog. If you are a fan of Boston sports or just a fan of a player in Boston, ESPN Boston is a great blog to follow.

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