Monday, August 4, 2014

Marshall Football Day 1 Final Thoughts

What a way to end day 1 to Marshall football practice. Cato to Shuler on a dynamic play that seems like a simple game of catch from the Miami Central tandem. Cato's passes today were sharp and on-time allowing receivers to use their speed to run under the pass and never slow down. If today was any indication, the sky is the limit for Cato.

Speaking with him after practice, he is amazingly humble for a man that has the entire Marshall community on his back as he make a run at the Heisman. But after hearing about the trials and tribulations this young man went through as a child, I have no doubt he is the perfect man for the job. His interview was full of positive comments about the team and what he can do to lead this team to a championship. It should be an exciting year for him as he not only chases the Heisman, but also looks to re-write the Marshall passing record books.

Doc was pleased with the performance of both sessions. He liked were his team was at after the first day of practice.

The afternoon guys were more about execution than the morning guys as they were seemingly just trying to get through the nerves of opening day of camp.

The wide outs got a chance to show their stuff as they traded turns between Cato and Gunnar Holcombe. Shuler was spot on as expected and Davonte Allen showed some significant improvement from last season. Josh Knight and Justin Hunt will both have a chance to contribute this season as will Angelo Jean-Louis & Gator Green. While Doc could have a receiving core that is 10 names deep, I dont think he will have trouble finding somewhere to put them. Deandre Reaves worked with special teams as did Shuler, Jean-Louis & Green.

Devon Johnson, Stew Butler and Remi Watson paced the running backs along with RS-Frosh Brandon Byrd. Doc had alot of good things to say about "Rockhead" (Johnson) and what he can contribute to the team. Johnson brings alot of the characteristics that Gator Hoskins had last season. He can work out of the backfield and release into the flat or move up on the line and go down field.

The defense looked solid in workouts today with the most note able change being Corey Tindal moving corner. While he played the nickel back last season and was in most man coverage, time will tell if he can go toe-to-toe with deep threats on a consistent basis. He did take away a pass intended to Josh Knight on a deep out route that Tindal swatted away and Knight came down with his arm stuck in Tindal's shirt.

The O-line was getting coached up big all day long by Coach Mirabal. With Jasperse at center and Big Swede and Van Horn book-ending Selby and Big Cheese, its just a Big Line that gives Cato plenty of time to look downfield.

Only note able injuries to report was Stefan Houston was worked out on the sideline with a knee brace. Not sure what was going on with him. Tiquan Lang came off during DB's drills after appearing to have tweaked something in his legs. He did not run with the defense when the teams went 11-on-11. Other than that, everyone else seemed to work out without issue today.

That's all for Day 1. Tuesday is the last day for helmets only as the team can go to shells Wednesday and full contact Friday.

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